Gathering Information – Using a Profile

To understand what a person needs that will provide the best possible support, it is important to find out as much about them as we can. We recommend using a personal profile that establishes who the person is and what makes them tick (so to … Continue reading

How do you find and measure success?

Sometimes we need a little reminder that our success is best measured against what is right for us – and for the person we support, what is right for them. Success often comes easiest when we just focus on who we are and … Continue reading

Creating Success by finding your ‘WHY’

Are you struggling to find purpose in your life? Do you ever wonder why you feel lost and have no direction? Are you reacting to the world around you instead of feeling self-motivated? Finding your WHY is the first important … Continue reading

Goal Setting – Making it Realistic!

We all need something to inspire us or work towards that makes us happy, no matter how big or small! For many of us, beginning a new year means changing classrooms, starting school, changing to a new school, beginning university … Continue reading

Preparing for the Year Ahead

How have you started to prepare for 2016? Sometimes life gets really busy, and we get ourselves into routines and find ourselves using systems of support that we have outgrown or that simply may not be as effective as we … Continue reading