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July 19, 2017

Social skills learning and incorporating social choice

Social skills programs are ever growing in their popularity, for people of all ages – offering opportunities for people to learn about themselves, social situations and […]
May 29, 2016

Video Modelling – A Strategy Used for Social Skills Development

There are various strategies that can be used to support social skill development and video modelling is one such strategy that is very practical and effective. […]
May 24, 2016

Respecting Personal Choice

In last week’s blog we discussed Autism Friendly Social Skills and the question of eye contact and what it means for an autistic person with regard […]
May 16, 2016

Autism Friendly Social Skills & the question of Eye Contact

What makes a social skills program Autism Friendly? From our perspective, it’s when a program aligns with supporting the characteristics of autism and respects and values the […]
May 8, 2016

Social Skills – Maintaining Well Being alongside Skill Development

Last week we looked at the meaning of Social Skills, in the context of learning and development, and we shared with you the idea that social skills are a […]
May 2, 2016

What is Social Skills (and what it’s NOT!)

Social skills are a set of personal skills that enable social communication and interaction – for some, they are instinctive and can be learnt and adapted […]