Social Skills – they’ve told us what works!
June 20, 2016
Why use Visuals?
July 4, 2016

Sometimes we need a little reminder that our success is best measured against what is right for us – and for the person we support, what is right for them.

“The best way for me to achieve success is by simply being me.” ~ Creating Connections Australia ~

Success often comes easiest when we just focus on who we are and what we do best – when we support the people around us to connect with what they want out of life.

“Connecting with myself helps support my success.” ~ Creating Connections Australia ~

When we focus not on our own way of supporting learning and development, but on the way that best suits the learner, we open up the doors to success and achievement.

Successful Learning Quote

“Successful learning happens when we work with the learner’s way of experiencing the world.” ~ Creating Connections Australia ~

How do you find and measure your own success, and the success of those you support?

We’d love to know!

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