Socialising might not be what you think
September 14, 2015
Reflecting on the Year gone
December 15, 2015

The end of the year often signals busyness, celebrations, extra commitments, social occasions, and if you’re in Australia… hot weather! And with these things, comes potential overload—particularly for anyone who struggles with change from routine, sensory processing, or with socialising.

So what’s the best way to survive this time of year? The answer is easy—keep things simple!

Understand that the best way to support a person in managing the overload that can come at this time of year may be to:

*  Reduce expectations – cut back on extra activities, and perhaps know that things may not be done to the high standard that you normally expect (eg. jobs around the house).

* Provide plenty of down time – time alone, extra time with a special interest… anything that allows time out from the busyness of everything!

* Be okay with declining invitations to social events that are too demanding – it’s okay not to go to that Christmas party, or to not host parties yourself. Remember that social events can take a long time to recover from, and this recovery time can add extra stress to an already overloaded situation!

* Be prepared to arrive early at events to settle in, or to leave early if it all becomes too much. (And be prepared to carry your own snacks and food to parties just in case there is nothing on the plate that appeals!)

* Schedule days where you require nothing more than rest and relaxation – both in the lead up to the holidays and during the days of celebration.

Tune in to the person you support, and listen to their needs—they’ll thank you for it! 🙂

What do you do to ensure you survive the end of year rush / holiday time?


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