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November 14, 2016
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November 28, 2016
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Providing Scripts – ‘What to Expect’ (in the lead up to Christmas)

Over the course of the next month or so, providing some type of script with a description of how things are going to play out, will help provide structure, at a seemingly unstructured time.

With all the extra activities and festivities that arise during November / December, having a ‘what to expect’ script prepared, gives the person with structure when there is little structure.

The script can be simply written (supported with pictures if needed), using short statements that are clear and concise. We have provided you with a sample ‘what to expect’ script below:

Lead up to Christmas

  • Mark on the calendar or on a device (eg. phone or ipad) any upcoming events/festivities leading up to Christmas Day.
  • Much of the routine will stay mostly the same throughout the day however there may be little changes that might happen without a lot of warning.
  • You can schedule these into the timetable when you know of the change. Many of the changes that might be affected are that of time (things take a little longer than usual), task (new or unfamiliar) and people (known or unknown).
  • Prepare yourself for the extra family/friends social gatherings by scheduling in those events that you are wanting to attend and those that you want to avoid. Placing these into the calendar gives you some visual reminders of when these events will be happening.
  • If the gathering is likely to be held at your house, you could plan to stay with a relative/close friend or you could retreat to your quiet space and stay there for as long as you need.
  • Use prompts and reminders in the form of cue cards and scripts either in a hardcopy form or on a device (eg. phone) to assist with any expected changes to help prepare yourself.
  • Remember to use self calming strategies such as positive self talk and breathing techniques (eg. belly breathing) to assist with anxiety and to help reserve your energy.

Using a ‘what to expect’ script will help to map out what is likely to happen and how to help manage changes.


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