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November 23, 2016
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December 6, 2016

We recently spent some time on our blog focussing on the importance of supporting change and transition – it’s something that is often on people’s minds at this time of year (particularly in those places where a new year brings about a move to new activities, new classes and other new environments).

What we’d like to point out though, is that the need for supporting change is something that goes way beyond an end of year transition, and that change and the process of transitioning doesn’t simply end when a person is considered to have joined a new group, program, job or class.

Change happens constantly in our lives and sometimes it can be all the little changes that add up to create challenges for those we support.

Our workshop, Supporting Change and Transition, is aimed at just this – supporting through all levels of change. And we purposely choose to deliver this workshop at the beginning of a new year to encourage people to think differently about how we support change – to understand that it’s more than an ‘end of year thing’.

This week, we challenge you to look around you and take note of some of the little changes that you see consistently in your life, and to think about how much predictability or ‘change training’ you provide to those you support.

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