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Video Modelling – A Strategy Used for Social Skills Development

There are various strategies that can be used to support social skill development and video modelling is one such strategy that is very practical and effective.

Video-Modelling when used well can be very powerful – it involves the person observing a video demonstration of a peer/adult modelling a behaviour/skill, encouraging the person to imitate the behaviour/skill.

Video-Modelling is role modelling (where someone models for the person what they might do or say) only in video format. It is effective because the individual can watch other people using the skill and see the positive and successful consequences of an interaction. Having the video on hand whenever needed, is also beneficial to a person as they’re not reliant on others to constantly perform or explain the skill.

It is a strategy that can be used by young children, teens, adults or one’s self as the model.

The person themselves can be involved in the video where they role play the behaviour/skill – this is called video self-modelling. This format has the added benefit where the person has a visual representation of themselves as the role model and their own experiences of success.

Both video modelling and video self-modelling can strengthen skill development in social communication and interaction, support behaviour and general functioning.

This strategy helps to maintain and retain behaviour/skills learnt over time and the generalisation of skills with different people and in different settings. Video modelling can help the person to use the skills learnt in different places and with various people.

Please Note: Like any strategy used to teach someone a new skill or behaviour, it needs to be implemented in a safe, structured environment often with support people who have a good rapport with the person developing the skills. Only when they experience success using the skill, can you begin to transfer those skills (with support) into the everyday environment.

For other strategies to support social skills development, you can take a look at our website for further details – our workshop on ‘Developing Social Skills’ HERE will give you an insight into other useful strategies or our three day program ‘Social Skills Professional Training Program’ HERE looks a little further into each of the strategies and their benefits.

Written by Sherri Cincotta

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