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September 16, 2020
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Developing Social Skills




Developing Social Skills is a 3 hour digital presentation package exploring the concept of ‘Social Skills Learning’ – what it is and what it isn’t, why social skill development is different for everyone (with particular reference to people on the autism spectrum), strategies to support the integration of social skills into real life situations and the generalising of social skills across different settings, the importance of making your social skills learning Autism friendly and the value and importance of personal choice in social skills learning.

This product comes as a package of 4 modules, including individual presentations on:

  • What are Social Skills? – Reasons for Social Skill Differences – Why support skill development?
  • Working to the Autism Friendly model – Interpreting the skills to support
  • Strategies to support Skill Development
  • Building of Independence

You will learn:

  • Why social skill development is different for everyone
  • Reasons for social skill differences—with specific reference to autism
  • Why it is important to make social skill learning Autism friendly
  • How to use the Creating Connections Australia Autism Friendly Social Skills model
  • The value and importance of personal choice in Social Skill learning
  • What to do when social interest is limited
  • How to decipher what skills to support
  • How to use our 7 favourite strategies to support the learning of social skills
  • How to incorporate social skill learning into real life situations
  • How to build success and wellbeing in those you support with social skill learning
  • You’ll hear our personal stories, practical examples, and our own autistic insights!

This video presentation has some audio variations due to parts of the presentation being recorded with a live audience.

Please note: purchase of this presentation allows one download – please ensure you download to the computer or device where you wish to store the presentation.

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