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October 23, 2017
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Understanding and Supporting Behaviour Workshop Presentation Kit




Understanding and Supporting Behaviour is a 5 hour & 30 minute digital presentation package exploring the common reasons for behaviour, strategies to assist in determining causes of behaviour, and practical tools and strategies for supporting behaviour.

This product comes as a package of four (4) presentations, including individual presentations on:

  • Understanding & Supporting Behaviour
  • Understanding & Working with Emotions
  • Basics of Sensory Processing
  • Creating & Using Visual Supports

You will learn:

  • How and why behaviour directly links to communication
  • The types of behaviour that people might see as challenging
  • What triggers are and how we can use them to anticipate behaviour
  • How to interpret the underlying meaning of behaviour
  • Some of the most common reasons for behaviour
  • How to differentiate between a tantrum and a meltdown
  • How to identify triggers and analyse behaviours
  • How to use an analysis document to better interpret and analyse behaviour
  • Why behaviour support is more effective than behaviour management
  • Tips for responding to behaviour ‘in the moment’
  • How to plan for behaviour support
  • The importance of setting up systems of support across four (4) key areas
  • Our key practical tools and strategies for supporting behaviour and personal wellbeing
  • How to implement engaging environments, accommodations, skill development and practical supports
  • How to integrate support strategies that are effective and individualised
  • How to create a Behaviour Communication Analysis and Support Plan
  • The value of profiling communication

Throughout the presentation, you will have opportunities to try out newly learned knowledge and skills!

This video presentation has some audio variations due to parts of the presentation being recorded with a live audience.

Please note: purchase of this presentation allows one download – please ensure you download to the computer or device where you wish to store the presentation.

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